Berlin – the scene capital

Once a symbol of separation – today more cosmopolitan than any other city. Everywhere, time events have left their mark on the cityscape

Events throughout time have left traces in the city – and the city is constantly changing. Berlin is just different and has become one of the liveliest, least developed exciting and multivariancy European cities.

Always feel the vibrancy of the boulevards, the art – and flea markets, in many pubs and restaurants- many open 24 hrs/day.

The theatre and museum scene is unique, a delight for art lovers. And did you know that Berlin has more bridges than Venice? Discover Berlin by their many sides – on land, sea and in the air.

Welcome to the city that never sleeps!


• Sightseeing on foot, by bus, boat, bicycle, Segway and Trabis
• The Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag
• “In-districts” Prenzlauerberg, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg
• Trendy restaurants, pubs and party locations
• Great museums – not just on Museum Island
• Unique theater landscape